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New Dorp »

The city had 344 overdose deaths so far this year, an almost 22 percent increase from a year ago.

Claremont »

About 1,200 people overdosed on heroin in 2016, compared to 335 murders, officials said.

Civic Center »

The city's overdose rate is three times as high as the murder rate, prompting police action. 

Arden Heights »

Katelyn Cox was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, prosecutors said.

New Dorp »

The governor also wants to add the synthetic drug fentanyl to the controlled substance list.

Bloomfield »

The NYPD saved 82 people from overdoses since equipping officers in Staten Island with naloxone in 2014.

Upper East Side »

Dashawn "Jhonny Cash" Hawkins sold drugs, which led to the death of 29-year-old Colin Cameron. 

Crown Heights »

Investigators are trying to figure out who placed her there and covered her with a sheet, they said.

St. George »

The NYPD said at a budget meeting Monday it'll send more officers to the borough, according to a report.

Chelsea »

Michael Alan, 37, is showcasing his work at the Tanja Grunert Gallery.

St. George »

After a person dies from an OD on Staten Island, the DA will start an investigation to find the source.

Chelsea »

Kiersten Cerveny died in what investigators think was an apparent drug overdose, sources said.

Upper West Side »

The man was found inside the park along West Drive at West 72nd Street Sunday night. 

Upper West Side »

Anne Wiswell, 25, was found dead in the park reportedly surrounded by beer cans and pills.

Randall's Island »

Patrick Morgan, 23, allegedly sold the drug to Jeffrey Russ before the 2013 festival.