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Inwood »

Three Inwood residents are developing the "anti-gun, pro-love" series.

Fort Wadsworth »

The Committee to Save Mt. Manresa started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000 to print the book.

Greenpoint »

Walter's Coffee Roastery baristas wear HazMat suits and serve coffee in beakers instead of cups.

East Harlem »

Fans of the 1999 hit song want to host their own version of Comic-Con next year.

New Dorp »

Crypta stores passwords and lets users log into accounts with their fingerprints.

Bed-Stuy »

Photographer David McIntyre said he found negatives from a 1994 photo shoot with the legendary rapper.

Bed-Stuy »

"Scott's Pizza Tours" follows New York City's pizza expert and pizzeria tour guide, Scott Wiener.

Columbia Street Waterfront District »

The celebrity chef dubbed her restaurant's neighborhood as "Cobble Hook," Eater first reported. 

Red Hook »

The Red Hook dance company and school is looking to raise $7,500.

Corona »

The night market is hoping to raise $50,000 with a new Kickstarter.

Civic Center »

Ex-City Hall spokeswoman Julie Wood violated rules after going to work at Kickstarter, a board ruled.

Crown Heights »

The Crown Heights-based band, "Bulletproof Stockings," has played for female audiences for three years.

Carroll Gardens »

Saint Agnes Catholic Church raised nearly $21,000 to restore its piano and launch a concert series.

St. George »

Eric Garner's daughter and mother said they haven't seen any money from several online fundraisers.

Central Harlem »

Inspired by Queen Bey, the  deck will have motivational lyrics printed on each card.