Hurricane Sandy'

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New Dorp Beach »

The state will pay to elevate storm-damaged homes that aren't in the most severe flood zone.

Lower East Side »

The resiliency plan hinges on a developer getting city approval to build a 77-story tower.

Red Hook »

Deployable flood walls, basements that act like bathtubs, super-sized generators and other features.

Midland Beach »

The city began work last week on several prefab homes around Midland Beach.

Downtown Brooklyn »

The couple falsely claimed they lived in a home damaged in the 2012 hurricane, prosecutors said.

Rockaway Beach »

After Sandy, NYC modified its evacuation procedure and is trying to persuade people to plan to use it.

Red Hook »

Installation of the semi-permanent wall started Monday along the neighborhood's lowest-lying street.

Jackson Heights »

The Aug. 8, 2007 storm forced the MTA to re-evaluate its emergency preparedness. 

Broad Channel »

The city got a grant in 2014 to restore a Broad Channel marsh, but it's far short of the lowest bid.

Financial District »

The MTA needs to make repairs to the Clark Street tube that was damaged after Hurricane Sandy.

Red Hook »

De Blasio said reports of the president ditching climate change plans are a "dagger" in NYC's heart.

Rockaway Beach »

Nearly five years after Hurricane Sandy, the long-awaited boardwalk rebuild is complete. 

Edgemere »

Nine homeowners had already moved out when they were told the homes weren't eligible for elevation.

Ocean Breeze »

Ocean Breeze, Oakwood Beach and Graham Beach face rezoning.

Williamsburg »

The weekend of May 6 and May 27 the L train won't run between Broadway Junction and 8th Ave.