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Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Here's our guide to buying health insurance for New Yorkers who don't have employer-based plans.

New York City »

Women can enroll in health care through the state exchange at any time during their pregnancy.

Civic Center »

A plan to remove 20,000 ineligible city health insurance enrollees is estimated to save $400 million.

Lower East Side »

With thousands of New Yorkers newly insured, many patients are looking for primary care doctors.

Civic Center »

The New York State of Health online marketplace for insurance went down just after going live Tuesday.

Civic Center »

DNAinfo New York talked to experts to answer 10 common questions asked about Obamacare.

Prospect Heights »

Of the 2,000 jobs at the Barclays Center, 1,900 are part-time and don't have benefits, officials said.

Bed-Stuy »

Bryn Kelly has started a campaign to raise money for her own gender-confirming surgery.

Morningside Heights »

Columbia will now cover the abortions of all students, even those not enrolled in its health plan.

Long Island City »

Caleb Medley, an aspiring comic from Colorado is clinging to life.

Upper West Side »

Goodrich Pharmacy is forced out as insurance reimbursement drops and mega pharmacies open. 

South Bronx »

Uninsured artists can exchange artwork for health care credit at Lincoln Hospital on 149th Street.

Washington Heights & Inwood »

Women turn to over-the-counter remedies to end unwanted pregnancies in Washington Heights, sources say.

Downtown »

Protesters who have not seen a doctor in years are getting free healthcare at Occupy Wall Street.

Downtown »

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he believes science will eventually prove a link between cancer and exposure to toxins at Ground Zero.