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Midtown »

Cosby, clothing and his perp walk, and which bands are reuniting for Coachella.

Gowanus »

An NRA publication tweeted images of Jo Anne Simon and Roxanne Persaud next to a handful of bullets.

Midtown »

Women's rights in the U.S.; Man's best friend; The forgotten history of a familiar Christmas carol.

New York City »

The NY SAFE Act "does not totally disarm New York's citizens," U.S. Judge William Skrenty ruled Tuesday.

Bed-Stuy »

Antonius Wiriadjaja, 29, has begun blogging about his experience being shot.

New York City »

Texan Shannon Richardson allegedly contacted the FBI saying her husband was angry over gun control.

New York City »

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the NY SAFE Act into law.

Manhattan »

Police Officer Peter Figoski, a 22-year veteran and father of four was shot to death during a robbery.