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The Staten Island Museum will open its "Home Games" exhibit on April 30.

Midtown »

DNAinfo has rounded up watch party bars for college teams from seven NCCA conferences.

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Here are the spots where you'll find your your fellow soccer-mad fans this June.

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DNAinfo has some tips for enjoying the 50th anniversary game.

Charleston »

Patrick Deluise, a bookie who had a loan with a Gambino associate, was found dead Friday, sources said.

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Here are some of the best bars to watch the NFL playoffs this weekend. 

Yorkville »

Noah Walsh normally pays $1,450 a month for one room in a first-floor apartment.

Emerson Hill »

Practices and games for the team were suspended after reports of hazing at a football camp. 

Emerson Hill »

In a letter sent to parents, Susan E. Wagner's principal said practices and games were suspended.

Midtown »

Police arrested four people who handcuffed themselves inside the lobby of NFL headquarters.

Concourse »

Some residents were enthusiastic to see the NYCFC arrive, while others had not heard of the team.

East Village »

Plenty of bars are offering specials for Patriots and Seahawks fans alike.

Prospect Park South »

A controversy over a local Redskins team and the death of a homeless man's dog made news in New York.

Park Slope »

A couple of outraged Brooklyn parents argued that the Redskins name was racist.

Jackson Heights »

Colombia made it to the quarter finals of the World Cup for the first time.