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Civic Center »

Camera traffic violations and quality of life tickets make up the bulk of increases.

Civic Center »

If your neighbor didn't clean his sidewalk by 11 a.m. Monday, he can be fined up to $350.

East Harlem »

Fines have dropped to $15.7 million from $32.5 million and the number of violations declined by a third.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

The West 45th/46th Street Block Association received 199 summonses for advertising a free movie.

New York City »

But Mayor Bloomberg has promised to veto the bill that reduce fines for street venders.

New York City »

Street vendors have been pressuring Quinn to reduce punitive vendor fines.

Morrisania »

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio accused the city of "boroughism" for differences in inspection rates.

New York City »

Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled his final budget Tuesday at City Hall.

Red Hook »

John Quadrozzi, who hopes to use toxic sludge as landfill, hasn't paid fines he owes the state.

New York City »

Small business owners complain that high city fines and red tape stifle growth.

Upper West Side »

A new DOT enforcement team will target restaurants that fail to provide safety info to cyclists.

Manhattan »

City Council legislation could lower fines for street vendors, but make rules stricter.

Manhattan »

The City Council voted Thursday on a group of bills designed to make parking less of a pain.

Manhattan »

New legislation would prevent the city from towing cars for minor violations, saving drivers steep fines.

Upper East Side & Roosevelt Island »

Stanford said it withdrew its tech campus bid after the city asked for $10M up front and other rules.