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Midtown »

They'll release the gas in Grand Central Terminal at 10:30 a.m. Monday, officials said.

Kingsbridge »

Kim Watson argued that if she were deported to her Barbados homeland, she would face torture.

Parkchester »

The illegal K2 has an estimated street value of $10 million.

Hamilton Heights »

Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered the Division of Homeland Security to monitor July 4th celebrations Saturday.

Midtown »

Stephanie Wilson discovered the letter in 2012. Now DNAinfo has found the man who said he wrote it.

South Ozone Park »

Patrick Campbell, of Sierra Leone, allegedly wanted to sell 1,000 tons of uranium to Iran.

New York City »

Feds probe disappearance of three semi-automatic weapons from locked safe in firearm trainer's home.

Astoria & Long Island City »

Gail Mellow will advise the Department of Homeland Security about education and campus security issues.

Manhattan »

Police descended on Midtown Friday morning in response to a "credible, but not corroborated" terrorist threat against New York.

Manhattan »

Officials including Mayor Bloomberg acknowleged a credible but uncorroborated terror threat against New York City.

Manhattan »

Hundreds of NYPD officers participated in emergency response drills that simulated a terrorist attack on Tuesday.

Manhattan »

The Department of Justice will doll out $298 million to local police agencies, but the NYPD won't get a dime.

Manhattan »

The Manhattan program, which has been criticized as ineffective, is the nation's only dirty bomb detection system.

Manhattan »

More than 1,000 cases of identity fraud have been discovered by the program, which compares driver's license photos.

Manhattan »

Lower Manhattan's top elected officials want the agency to conduct a risk assessment of the Chinatown street.