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Arrochar »

Vincent Nantista was charged with falsifying records, prosecutors said.

Greenwood Heights »

The state has put Brooklyn, which has 19,721 red oak trees, on alert for "oak wilt" disease.

Gowanus »

Defunding the federal cleanup could put the canal's future in the hands of state and local agencies.

Tottenville »

The projects made improvements at Mount Loretto, Saint Francis Woodlands and Lemon Creek.

Midtown »

The owners of Metropolitan Fine Arts & Antiques were arrested, officials said.

Meatpacking District »

The Appellate Division's ruling allowed the project to proceed, but two other lawsuits are pending.

Prospect Heights »

Visitors to the park have noticed lots of belly-up fish in the water this week.

West Harlem »

The city will use $360 to upgrade two wastewater treatment plants, the DEC said.   

East Elmhurst »

The invasive bugs are deadly to trees, officials said. 

Kew Gardens »

The site, at 124-22 Queens Blvd. in Kew Gardens, used to house a dry cleaning business.

West Harlem »

Some Harlem residents have been visited on multiple occasions by raccoons.

Richmond Town »

Students collected eels during the annual count of baby fish at Richmond Creek.

Bed-Stuy »

Contaminants were found at the site which is set to be redeveloped into apartments, records show.

Yorkville »

The group will meet monthly to discuss issues with construction of the 91st St. marine transfer station.

Gowanus »

The land around The Green Building will be cleaned up under the state's Brownfield Cleanup Program.