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Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Fish Bar at North River Landing will join the North River Lobster Company at Pier 81 starting Sunday.

Long Island City »

Their plans include two sites in Rockaway and another in Ridgewood, owner Marcus Burnett said.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Legend has it a police officer named Dutch Fred first called the neighborhood "Hell's Kitchen."

New Brighton »

Ryan Barker plans to open Ryerson's, which will specialize in craft brews and specialty food.

Crown Heights »

The pub's Crown Heights block, just south of Eastern Parkway, has attracted three new bars in a year.

Long Island City »

Take a beer pouring class, or feast on a beer-and-bacon four-course dinner.

Bed-Stuy »

Eighteen beers are on tap at this bar on Patchen Avenue and Monroe Street.

New Brighton »

The bar was ranked the second best for selection and ninth for rarity of its beers, a report says.

Long Island City »

The run will loop the neighborhood, stopping at four local breweries where runners can sample beers.

Greenpoint »

Orr Shtuhl, who teaches beer classes at places like Bedford Cheese Shop, will lead the tour.

Windsor Terrace »

209 Station will pour 32-ounce cans that are half the size of growlers.

Williamsburg »

The Williamsburg brewery partnered with a company to sell the home-brewing kits.

Chelsea »

World of Beer opened on Monday and offers a selection of 50 beers on tap and 500 in bottles. 

Greenpoint »

The Village Voice's Brooklyn Pour Craft Beer Festival will feature brews from Brooklyn to Texas.