Board of Elections

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East Harlem »

The Board of Elections received a complaint claiming that Keith Lilly lives outside the district.

Stapleton »

Phil Marius was kicked off after the Board of Elections found he didn't have enough valid signatures.

Corona »

Cristina Furlong, Erycka Montoya and Yonel Letellier Sosa were all removed by the Board of Elections.

Chinatown »

De Blasio's lawyer said it was fine to spend funds on campaigns, prosecutors say.

Central Harlem »

The Board of Elections said Larry Scott Blackmon won't appear on absentee and military ballots.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Good government groups had sued the Board of Elections, accusing them of violating voting rights.

Midtown »

The attorney general called for voter reform after 1,500 people complained about the April election. 

Upper East Side »

Local pols are calling for more polling sites, and early and mail-in voting in New York City.

Midtown »

The president-elect's son tweeted a now-deleted photo of a completed ballot Tuesday.

Civic Center »

A Manhattan judge upheld a law prohibiting voters from photographing marked-up ballots.

Civic Center »

Three New Yorkers are suing for the right to take ballot selfies, which is illegal in the state.

Hunts Point »

Incumbent candidates won races for the State Senate, State Assembly and City Council.

West Harlem »

A group of senior residents says a new polling site is difficult to get to.

Concourse »

Rep. Jose Serrano soundly defeated Leonel Baez in Tuesday's primary.