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Upper East Side »

Ekwan Hill was arraigned on Saturday for smearing feces on two different women, authorities say.

Civic Center »

Hamlet Peralta pleaded not guilty to wire fraud in Manhattan Federal Court Friday morning.

Morrisania »

Mamadou Diallo was arraigned on Tuesday night, and the charges against him were downgraded to assault.

Union Square »

A judge ordered rapper Troy Ave held without bail pending arraignment on an attempted murder charge.

Astoria »

James Dillon, 23, is facing murder, attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon charges.

St. George »

The lawyer for Michael Sykes said he will seek a gag order after statements made by the DA.

Fordham »

Eric Ortiz, 54, was arrested for the murder of 27-year-old Christopher Cabrera.

Concourse »

Ashleigh Wade was arraigned via video from the hospital on Friday.

East Harlem »

Dozens of officers crowded the courtroom as Tyrone Howard pleaded not guilty to murder Tuesday morning. 

Concourse »

Tenisha Fearon, 27, declined to testify before a grand jury during her second court appearance.

St. George »

Judge George Daniels ruled to temporarily halt recording on Tuesday.

St. George »

The long-delayed courthouse opened Monday, sparking an uproar over cameras in lawyer interview rooms.

Civic Center »

Hines, the granddaughter of Morgan Freeman, was allegedly killed by her boyfriend Sunday morning.

Concourse »

The East Flatbush rapper pleaded not guilty to charges that his girlfriend brought him a knife in jail.

East Village »

Shaquille Fuller was arraigned on Monday, according to the Manhattan District Attorney's Office.