We are sisters and cousins who started a cupcake store in an unusual way ...

Our cousin Charz was pregnant and having some weird cravings. She requested something with broccoli and cheese from my sister, Christine. So, Christine whipped up a cupcake batter with broccoli and topped it with a mild cheese frosting.

Now, they know that I am not the daring type when it comes to food, so they asked me to taste it. I was upset when they got pushy. But then I got curious when everyone else seemed to love it. They finally got me to taste it — and I was impressed. I persuaded Christine and Charz to try other unique flavors. We started to share samples among our friends, and they were a hit. After about six months, I decided to fund the business because Christine and Charz had just the right skills to make these amazing, unique and savory combinations of cupcakes.

Our location is across the street from the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts and Kaufman Astoria Studios. Taking inspiration from Hollywood, we name our cupcakes after hit films and TV shows and use quotes from them to describe the treats. For example, we have a cupcake flavor of vanilla and chocolate batter topped with chocolate frosting, Nutella and Ferrero Rocher chocolate — we call it "Terminator" because our customers say that when they taste it, they sure will be back! We also have other flavors like "Twilight," "Little Rascals" (s'mores) and "The Breakfast Club." Please visit our website for more information.

The name Sweets First originated from a sister company, MedFirst, Inc. We also decided it was the perfect name for the business because in our family, we have the tendency to have our sweets first, before the actual meal begins. In addition, our slogan is "Not your ordinary sweets." We'll let you see for yourself what we mean.