Kumon: The World’s Largest After-School Learning Program

Math & Reading for Preschool through 12th Grade Students

Kumon began with a parent’s love. Determined to help his eight-year-old son, a math teacher named Toru Kumon developed the materials and guiding principles of the Kumon Method.

Today, in 47 countries and regions on six continents, Kumon is helping millions of children succeed in the classroom and in life. It can help your child, too.

Helping children achieve more than they ever thought they could.

Kumon is an academic program like no other. Instead of passively receiving instruction from teachers or tutors, Kumon Students actively develop self-learning skills. Here’s how.

• Each student progresses at his or her own pace through an individualized program of worksheets carefully planned by the Instructor.

• Students do daily assignments that take about 30 minutes per subject— in two sessions a week at the Kumon Center, and the other five at home.

• Step by logical step, students steadily build a solid grasp of math and reading, and become more confident and motivated with each worksheet solved.

The Kumon Method empowers children to become self-learners, and helps them achieve more than they ever thought they could. Each time our students tackle and overcome a new challenge, their confidence grows.

Kumon puts them on the path to becoming the confident, independent, self-reliant people all parents hope their children can be.

Please call the center at 212-786-4295 or email batteryparkcity_ny@ikumon.com to schedule a FREE parent orientation and placement testing, and find out how Kumon can help lock your child’s full potential!