Jumpstart your child’s most important investment by enrolling them in ibidPREP Test Prep, Tutoring and Admission Guidance. Founded by Stuart Servetar, who has been working with and teaching students since the 1980s, this unique education center designs classes to fit your child’s learning style and teaches them how to think better and more aptly manage time and stress.  ibidPREP services students from 4th grade through graduate school, working one-on-one or in group settings and ensuring that every student cultivates skills that will endure beyond the test.

ibidPREP begins with a consultation with student and parents to establish realistic but challenging goals and designs a curriculum that fits the specific needs of the pupil. Once a child is enrolled in a private or group tutoring program, parents are kept in the loop via email and phone and are expected to maintain an active role in ensuring academic success. The ibidPREP approach focuses on engaging students with the material, maintaining poise at all costs, making solid decisions in high-stress situations and learning to think properly.

ibidPREP prepares students for ELA and NYS Math Tests, middle and high school entrance exams, PSATs, SATs, SAT Subject Tests, AP exams and college admissions, as well as GREs, MCATs and LSATs. The learning center also proctors practice exams every Saturday morning to simulate test conditions.  Give your child the competitive academic edge he or she deserves by contacting ibidPREP today for a consultation.

ibidPREP accepts all major credit cards, PayPal and checks.