Looking for more ways to reuse and recycle?  Non-profit GrowNYC’s Office of Recycling Outreach and Education offers free services to help New Yorkers waste less.

Apartment buildings that need to improve recycling can invite a Recycling Outreach Coordinator to assess their program and educate staff and residents, who will receive Sort & Store recycling totes to keep cans and newspapers organized and out of the trash. www.grownyc.org/recycle

For those who want to recycle more than the basics, GrowNYC hosts collections for food scraps and textiles at many of its Greenmarket farmers markets.  Each week NYC residents can drop off clothing, shoes, linens and other textiles that will be sorted for reuse or recycled into new products like insulation.  Food scraps are taken to one of several local compost sites to be turned into “black gold” for urban farms, gardens and other green spaces. 

Our Stop ‘N’ Swap® program brings free community reuse events to neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs.  Whether you’re looking offload items you no longer need or pick up something new-to-you, this is the perfect opportunity to keep good stuff from going to waste. 

 GrowNYC is a privately funded nonprofit while its Office of Recycling Outreach and Education is funded by the NYC Department of Sanitation to help reach the City’s ambitious goal of recycling 30% of waste by 2017.  For more information, local recycling resources and to receive a monthly email with NYC recycling news and events, visit www.grownyc.org/recycle or call 212-788-7900.