Hello, I am Michael Acosta, and I have been doing martial arts since 1989. Through the years I have trained in boxing, karate, capoeira and Muay Thai, and, with my experience, I have found found that the most important thing to learn from martial arts is focus. With that in mind I opened Focus Mixed Martial Arts. I have been teaching since 1997, and through hard training and healthy competition, I have created an art that shows the beauty and effectiveness of martial arts.

Focus Mixed Martial Arts also can be used as an ultimate workout and a tool to defend oneself, if needed. Teaching ages range from 2 1/2 years old and up, and gives us the opportunity to demonstrate that martial arts is not only a great way to be healthy, but also a way to fight stress. It can also be an excellent way for any child to build confidence and assurance. Come on in and see what you can get from martial arts at Focus Mixed Martial Arts.