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Parents fear overcrowding at three UWS schools, but school leaders say it's too early to worry.

Upper West Side »

Making children with processing issues take tests for hours amounts to child abuse, opponents said.

Upper West Side »

Some parents are pushing back against a de-zoning that would do away with zoning lines altogether.

Upper West Side »

West End Secondary School was originally slated to receive $50 for capital improvements. 

Upper West Side »

The DOE is open and supportive of the plan to move P.S. 191 into the P.S. 342 building, officials said.

Upper West Side »

Education leaders are looking for solutions beyond rezoning to end the overcrowding crisis at P.S. 199. 

Upper West Side »

Without federal and local subsidies, schools must pay to maintain their own websites. 

Upper West Side »

They argue the September 2015 move-in deadline is too close to the start of school. 

Upper West Side »

Parents and officials have been fighting a planned 20-story nursing home set to go up next to P.S. 63.

Upper West Side »

Members of CEC 3 said the tests are of value only to the testing company and not to students. 

Inwood »

Charters shouldn't be able to take space needed by badly crowded district schools, protesters said.

West Harlem »

Harlem Success Academy is trying to take over classrooms at Frederick Douglass Academy II.

Central Harlem »

Parents at P.S. 811 say Mayor de Blasio was right not to allow Success Academy charter school expansion.

Park Slope »

Kindergarten Connect is accepting applications through Feb. 20.

Washington Heights »

The city's new online kindergarten application system has highlighted the digital divide among families.