Letitia James

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Bushwick »

Letita James said she has been looking into the troubled nonprofit Bushwick Economic Development Corp.

Claremont »

Landlord Kamran Hakim wants the public advocate to retract the list.

Morrisania »

Landlord Seth Miller was highlighted on Public Advocate Letitia James' 2016 worst landlords list.

Hunts Point »

Housing advocates say Moshe Piller is known for keeping his buildings in poor condition.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Patricia Gatling announced she will run in 2017 to fill Ken Thompson's seat.

West Village »

The memorial honors the thousands of New Yorkers killed by AIDS, and was five years in the making.

Brooklyn Heights »

The swastikas were found Friday on children's playground equipment, officials said.

Civic Center »

The new order will affect tens of thousands of municipal jobs.

Civic Center »

Letitia James wants a diversity czar, but the Dept. of Education says it has a plan in the works.

Morrisania »

Clara Wainright lives in the worst building in The Bronx, according to the Public Advocate's office.

West Harlem »

The managers will serve 30-day suspensions without pay.

Civic Center »

Public Advocate Letitia James says ACS Commissioner Gladys Carrion has failed to fix a broken system.

Midtown »

Trump's campaign has given the media license to broadcast racist content, the politicians maintained.

West Harlem »

But Tish James says he's not doing enough or being forthcoming about how city failed the 6-year-old.

West Harlem »

Public Advocate Letitia James says ACS failed to act on signs that could have prevented Zymere's death.