James Oddo

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St. George »

James Oddo plans to submit a formal letter to the state next year asking for the school.

Oakwood »

Designs will now be drawn up for the plan that would protect the borough in future storms.

Willowbrook »

The city wants to turn the nearly 80-acre space into a development focused on healthy living.

Rosebank »

A plan calls for up to 82 attached homes on the Staten Island lot, the borough president said.

St. George »

Officials want to protect newly paved streets from being ripped up and fixed with "shoddy" repairs.

St. George »

The flagpole at the top of Borough Hall broke around Memorial Day.

Castleton Corners »

Borough President James Oddo launched the "Undah/Ovah" game on his website.

Fort Wadsworth »

Oddo asked the city to force developers of the controversial project to go through a lengthy review.

Bloomfield »

The NYPD saved 82 people from overdoses since equipping officers in Staten Island with naloxone in 2014.

South Beach »

The project will add nearly seven miles of sewers and catch basins.

Emerson Hill »

The new building includes a black box theater, dance studio, new classrooms, practice rooms and more.

New Dorp Beach »

Officials allocated the money to rebuild the New Dorp Beach Friendship Club in 2014.

New Brighton »

Borough President James Oddo is working with the mayor to get four new centers in the North Shore.