Eric Garner

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The 2016 arrest was part of an intimidation campaign by the city, the lawsuit filed Tuesday said.  

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Garner was fatally choked by an NYPD officer on July 17, 2014 during a quality-of-life arrest.

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 Constance Malcolm said Wednesday the mayor has not done enough on police reform. 

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The files don't have to be released because they're personnel records, an appeals court ruled.

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Police are working with the CCRB to figure out who leaked Daniel Pantaleo's disciplinary history.

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Eric Adams asked James Dolan to reverse his decision to ban Charles Oakley from Madison Square Garden.

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Darren Flowers, 31, was arrested Thursday after punching the pregnant Garner in the stomach.

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Garner's mother, Gwen Carr, was arrested along with 11 others at Trump Tower, organizers said.

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Prosecutors in New York say there's not enough evidence, but those in Washington, D.C. disagree.

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Ramsey Orta was sentenced to four years in jail for drug and gun charges.

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From Clinton's health to the NCAA pulling its events from North Carolina.

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After supporting NYPD move to halt access, de Blasio says the law needs to change.

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Gwen Carr and other mothers of unarmed black men killed in the U.S. made a white carpet appearance.

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Bratton vowed to improve community relations and drive down crime. Here's a look back at his tenure.

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Ramsey Orta filed the suit on Tuesday accusing the NYPD of targeting him since Garner's death in 2014.