Dan Donovan

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New Dorp »

Every Republican elected official on the borough announced their support for Rep. Dan Donovan.

St. George »

Max Rose, a Democrat, will try to unseat Rep. Dan Donovan.

New Springville »

Grimm, 47, has been making call about running against Dan Donovan in 2018.

St. George »

William Nelson was hit with a 10-count indictment charging him with embezzling the funds over 10 years.

St. George »

A gunman wounded five people at a GOP baseball practice in Virginia Wednesday, police said.

St. George »

William Nelson was charged with grand larceny after he used the money to buy knives, comics and more.

New Dorp »

Boyd Melson, a public affairs officer for the Army, plans to run against Donovan.

Fort Wadsworth »

Rep. Donovan wrote letters to the MTA to study the potential benefits of bringing back two-way tolling.

New Dorp »

Rep. Dan Donovan wrote he won't vote for the American Health Care Act on Thursday.

Midtown »

Lawmakers said the city spent more than $25 million to protect the skyscraper before the inauguration.

New Dorp »

Rep. Dan Donovan said he will not hold any town halls until protesters "stop obstructing."

Bay Ridge »

"Missing" posters were plastered in Bay Ridge calling on the congressman to host a town hall.

Willowbrook »

Trump condemned anti-Semitic incidents as "horrible" and "painful" for the first time last week.

New Dorp »

Donovan was the only city representative in Washington to speak in favor of the ban.

Oakwood »

The project got $2 million from federal Sandy-relief funds for its design phase.