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Civic Center »

Shaun Martin was found guilty of murder on Wednesday after striking Mohammed Akkas Ali in 2013. 

West Village »

Joseph Giardala's DNA was matched to the rape kit after he was caught stealing change from a fountain.

Brooklyn Heights »

Federal and city prosecutors are reportedly investigating the $52 million Brooklyn Heights Library sale.

Civic Center »

De Blasio says a memo on his fundraising was a political ploy. But the feds were already on it.

Civic Center »

Six people were charged in the ring, including firearms dealers from Virginia and Georgia. 

East Harlem »

The light project started in August 2015 to reduce crime in the housing project

Civic Center »

In an exclusive interview with DNAinfo, the police commissioner discussed quality-of-life issues.

Washington Heights »

Mary Evans, 44, feigned love for three elderly men, then took them for $400,000, prosecutors said.

Midtown »

Brandon Kiehm said he needed money to pay for his relative's cancer treatments, prosecutors said.

Financial District »

Prosecutors subpoenaed WDF Inc. for its work on the One World Trade Center's communication ring.

Midtown »

David Baril, 30, was indicted on charges of attempted murder for last year's attacks.

Central Harlem »

The Manhattan District Attorney is hosting a "Clean Slate" event in Harlem Saturday. 

Civic Center »

Homeowners and city agencies were cheated of millions of dollars worth of heating oil, officials say.

Washington Heights »

Tiffany Allen, 25, allegedly led police on a high-speed chase before crashing and killing her passenger.

West Harlem »

An indictment was unsealed Wednesday charging Stanley Fredrique for abandoning his daughter in July.