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East Harlem »

The pair posed as ConEd workers and then bashed the victim into unconsciousness. 

Midtown »

Video showed a man entering the booth where the jewels went missing, but nobody's been charged.

West Harlem »

Bryan Rogers shot Todd Wilson after drinking "heavily."

Meatpacking District »

Wilmer Cueva, 51, ignored hazardous conditions before Carlos Moncayo was buried alive, prosecutors said.

Civic Center »

The ring smuggled weapons including assault rifles into the city since March, officials said. 

Murray Hill »

Miguel Abarentos murdered Thawerdas Sadhwan in his apartment back in 2012, prosecutors said. 

Midtown »

The DAs said there have been "multiple incidents" of threats to New Yorkers since the election.

Civic Center »

Gabriel Nortesando used his company to short customers out of millions of dollars worth of fuel. 

East Harlem »

The man spent the money on credit card payments and country club memberships. 

Midtown »

Svetlana Travis was arrested as she passed through JFK Airport to change planes.

Midtown »

Kryzie King, 29, will be sentenced to 22 years in prison for beating and killing Myls in 2014.

Midtown »

The owners of Metropolitan Fine Arts & Antiques were arrested, officials said.

Astoria »

Undercover police officers bought heroin, crack, and ecstasy nearly 100 times in the past year. 

Civic Center »

Shaun Martin was found guilty of murder on Wednesday after striking Mohammed Akkas Ali in 2013. 

West Village »

Joseph Giardala's DNA was matched to the rape kit after he was caught stealing change from a fountain.