Charles Hynes

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Daniel Donovan recused himself from 23 cases in the past two years because of his or his office's ties.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Abe George tried to kiss a woman who worked for him, sources said.

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Dozens of Brooklyn prosecutors are evaluating pending charges on a "case-by-case" basis, the DA said.

Downtown Brooklyn »

The Department of Investigation accused Charles Hynes of using seized assets to fund his campaign.

Clinton Hill »

Kenneth Thompson toppled 20-year incumbent Charles "Joe" Hynes for the second time this season.

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Check our real-time results from races for the mayor and Brooklyn District Attorney.

Civic Center »

There weren't as many problems as in the primary, but voters still had to contend with wonky machines.

Downtown Brooklyn »

The veteran prosecutor, defeated in the Democratic primary, will continue on two other party lines.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Hynes is the first Brooklyn district attorney to be voted out of office since 1911.

Williamsburg »

Cops have busted at least 46 gambling dens in Brooklyn in the last year and a half, court records show.

Downtown Brooklyn »

The Brooklyn D.A. will review the trial convictions of Louis Scarcella, according to a press release.

Sunset Park »

Brooklyn prosecutors claim cash was stolen from a drug dealer and Andre Deluca has no right to it.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Jabbar Collins, whose murder conviction was tossed, claimed the DA's office intimidated witnesses.

New York City »

City Councilman Charles Barron called for a civil rights probe into the shooting of the 16-year-old.

Williamsburg »

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes added manslaughter charges to Julio Acevedo's case.