Brad Lander

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Gowanus »

The EPA is scheduled to start dredging toxic sludge out of the canal in 2018, but cuts could delay that.

Park Slope »

Kensington Stables is being marketed as a "redevelopment opportunity."

Park Slope »

Supporters of the plastic bag fee say they're disappointed, but proud of their effort.

Park Slope »

Advocates want the governor to veto a bill delaying the plastic bag charge.

Central Harlem »

The legacy of the civil rights leader lives on in New York City. Pay homage this weekend.

Park Slope »

Activists say they're using Tea Party tactics to pressure the influential Democrat.

Park Slope »

Brad Lander started organizing his constituents against Trump just days after the November election.

Gowanus »

Advocates want stiffer penalties for landlords who harass tenants into leaving low-rent buildings.

Civic Center »

The legislation would clamp down on nonprofits like Mayor Bill de Blasio's Campaign for One New York.

Gowanus »

A 103-year-old water main will be replaced as part of efforts to reduce flooding on Ninth Street.

Windsor Terrace »

The message was found scrawled on a bench in the Fort Hamilton Subway stop.

Financial District »

Activists were blocking traffic to call for a higher minimum wage for fast food workers, police said.

Park Slope »

Even small steps can help Park Slope residents get more involved in their neighborhood.

Park Slope »

City Councilman Brad Lander has told his Democrat-leaning constituents, "don't just mourn, organize."

Carroll Gardens »

Councilman Brad Lander and others refused to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance in September.