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Sanctuary Hotel Bartender Gives the Verdict on Fall's Broadway Shows

Our source said he's heard rave reviews of "First Date" but scant praise for "Big Fish."

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The watering holes beside off-Broadway playhouses are as much a part of the city’s theater culture as performers, producers and crew. DNAinfo.com New York gets the scoop on hit shows, straight from the Backstage Bartender's mouth.

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The Italian restaurant in Times Square is a magnet for theater-goers and celebrities alike.

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This week's Backstage Bartender tells us about a Tony-nominated musical and two failed productions.

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The Ritz Bar and Lounge's Michael Bailey gives us the dish on two Broadway productions.

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No one talks about Daenerys, er, Emilia Clarke, after the show, B. Smith's bartender says.

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The bartender at the West Village's Commerce Bar talks about Jesse Eisenberg's "The Revisionist."