American Museum of Natural History ornithologists Paul Sweet and Joseph DiCostanzo will lead a group in exploring the spring migrations of birds in Central Park. The guided walk will include lessons in how to use filed marks, behavior, songs and more in identifying birds. There will also be birder field cards available 

The cost of the walk is $85 and start at the northeast corner of Central park West and 77th Street.

The walk is limited to 15 people and involves an hour of walking and climbing. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and bring binoculars.  

Early Morning Spring Bird Walks

Tuesdays, April 9 to May 28, 7 to 9 am

Wednesdays, April 10 to May 29, 7 to 9 am

Thursdays, April 11 to May 30, 7 to 9 am

Fridays, April 12 to May 31, 9 to 11 am