The United Palace of Cultural Arts will be hosting the final performance of "Sosúa: Dare to Dance Together" as well as a screening of the documentary film "Sosúa: Make A Better World" on June 6. The event will be followed by a Q&A session with filmmakers Peter Miller, Renee Silverman, and theatrical producer Victoria Neznansky.

"Sosúa: Dare to Dance Together" is a musical that tells the story of the town of Sosúa in the Dominican Republic. Sosúa became a haven for over 800 Austrian and German jews fleeing the Nazis in 1938, and the musical shows how the refugees settled into the town and how they interacted with the Dominican locals. The play was created by 20 teenagers—10 Jewish, 10 Dominican—with the help of the Washington Heights YM&YWHA.

The play has been presented by the Washington Heights Y every year with new teenagers since 2010, and has even prestened at the United Nations in 2012. The program is wrapping up its final year.