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Prospect Heights »

The monthly "Review Panel" event kicks off at the Brooklyn Public Library this week.

Midtown »

The exhibit, showing excerpts from his projects in book illustration, is at The Morgan through Monday.

Long Island City »

The museum's anniversary programs also include its first solo show by an artist other than its namesake.

Long Island City »

Materials for the Arts has been equipping the city's nonprofits with free art supplies since 1978.

Long Island City »

The museum courtyard's latest exhibit, "Art Amnesty," invites artists to toss out their old works.

Long Island City »

"BRINK" at the Conception Gallery features works that explore being on the edge of catastrophe.

Long Island City »

The annual neighborhood arts festival will run from Wednesday to Sunday with 85 events and exhibits.

Long Island City »

The Queens-based Center for the Holographic Arts will launch an exhibit Friday at the former bank

Long Island City »

The annual festival starts Wednesday and will showcase the neighborhood's burgeoning art scene.  

Long Island City »

"The Wonder Cabinet" is an installation based on the 16th and 17th-century idea of a curiosities museum.

Long Island City »

The museum's EXPO 1 includes an open call for sustainable design ideas to aid the recovering Rockaways.

Astoria »

The new exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image features video games from the last 50 years.

Long Island City »

An art exhibit opening Wednesday reveals the transformed Bank of Manhattan Building in Queens Plaza.

Melrose »

Photographer Nina Berman's new exhibit showcases community gardens across the Bronx.

Greenwich Village & SoHo »

Bentley Meeker, who lit Chelsea Clinton's wedding, said he wants people to notice light in their lives.