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Williamsburg House Hunters Check Out Condo's Modern Design

By DNAinfo Staff on December 10, 2012 10:47am  | Updated on December 10, 2012 11:40am

34 N. 7th St., 8E

One-bedroom, One-bathroom


Common Charges: $586

WILLIAMSBURG — House hunters checking out this condo in one of Williamsburg's new highrises surveyed a site with a futuristic vibe.

The condo — listed by MNS Real Impact Real Estate's Ian MacDermut — features the state-of-the-art flourishes of a freshly built development and the amenities of a luxury, lifestyle-geared residence.

Inside the apartment, fancy and advanced kitchen gadgetry — such as a microwave that pops out of a cabinet — prompted "oohs" and "aahs" from several nest-seekers.

"Oh my gosh, so this is a microwave?" one woman gasped. "I've never seen this before! Does this come with the apartment?"

MacDermut said that it was standard, then joked that it's so 21st Century, it's straight out of the iPhone circuit.

"You can just tell Siri, 'Cook me a burrito!'" he laughed.

"That's so cool," she said.

Another man, who was touring the white oak-floored condo with his wife, appreciated the storage.

"I like the cabinets," he said. "It's very minimalist, very modern." 

The building, located at the 34 N. 7th Street development called The Edge, has LEED gold certification and was built entirely with union labor, MacDermut said.

"The construction quality is very good," he said. "This has been the top-selling building in New York City in 2011 and 2012."

MacDermut said that high environmental and contracting standards had additional benefits such as double-pane windows — which insulate against meteorological elements and noise. 

And outside the apartment, Edge residents can enjoy some 40,000 square feet of amenities such as gyms, lounges, movie-screening rooms, and an indoor pool, he said.

Even the experience of touring the residence had a bit of a futuristic vibe.

Because of the rain, browsers were asked to don disposable shoe-covers.

They seemed more than happy to oblige.

"I was hoping everyone would wear the shoe covers throughout the day in Williamsburg," MacDermut laughed.

One couple who was touring the listing, however, had mixed feelings on its contemporary air.

"The building is very cookie-cutter," said a 30-year old model, who was checking out sales with her 45-year-old musician husband.

"I don't think it's very representative of the area so, you know, we're not really interested," she said. "It's a great apartment. It's well done. It's better than a lot of the things we've seen in the neighborhood, but it lacks charm."

She added that the development was one of the most well-built she had seen in the area, though.

"A lot of the buildings in Williamsburg tend to be not well constructed so we appreciate that it's well done — the walls, the structure, the detail. A lot of stuff is crappy."

They both agreed that they wanted something with more boho chic — maybe an old building that had been recently renovated, the model said.

"The crowd is different here," the musician said. "It's not what the neighborhood used to be."