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Rap Spoof Artists Release New Videos That Poke Fun at Uptown Culture

By DNAinfo Staff on August 16, 2012 10:22am

By: Sandra E. García

Special to DNAinfo.com New York

INWOOD — Juan Bago & O are at it again.

The duo, aka Michael Diaz and Oscar Martinez, best known for their viral video hit "Pan Con Queso," have mastered the art of covering top 10 radio hits while simultaneously beckoning laughter from their audience.

The rap and pop music spoof veterans filled popular Dyckman Bar with laughter at the release of their “Vivaporu” “Quisqueya” and “Hooked on Hookah” videos Tuesday evening.

“Vivaporu" focuses on the all-healing power some Dominican people claim Vicks VapoRub yields and their obsession to use as a remedy for everything, while "Hooked on Hookah" calls out the popular uptown nightclub trend. "Quisqueya" is an original piece that celebrates the duo's parents' country of origin, the Dominican Republic.

"'Quisqueya' was an original beat, original concept, (in) 'Vivaporu' we tackled a topic that hasn’t been touched yet...and with 'Hooked on Hookah' we really spoke about something that’s booming and hyper-local,” said Diaz.

In the Vivaporu video, Diaz plays an under the weather Juan Bago who is tended to by O who swipes “vivaporu” over his nose causing him to come back to life. A heavy Kanye West beat blares while the duo rap about the healing qualities of the mennthol scented medication.

“'Vivaporu' is hilarious!” said lifelong Washington Heights resident Manuel Atorre. “I thought it was a good take on how Dominicans see Vicks VapoRub, and how Dominicans use the product. Vicks has no idea the following that it has.”

In "Hooked on Hookah," the partners team up wearing hookah pipes in their backpacks and as necklaces to ensure they get their daily fill of the flavored smoke.

The "Quisqueya" video shows Diaz impersonating a merengue dancing superintendant, mopping while his hips pump to the beat.

“The videos were all fabulous, the reincarnation of the songs were very funny!” said Megan Lugo at the video release party.

The duo also plans to take on the 2012 election for their next spoof noting the importance for the Washington Heights community to understand the weight of their vote.

“Our Latino vote really counts,” said Martinez. “Every vote counts and these politicians are really tying to get our votes.

“We want to make sure that all the Latinos know what the topics are and who the candidates are we need to be knowledgeable about the news.”

The election-based spoof from the pair can be expected in early October.