Elusive Rooster Caught in Fort Tryon Park

By Carla Zanoni | October 11, 2011 1:56pm

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS — A wily rooster that evaded capture by two Parks workers and a transit emplyee over the weekend is now in the custody of the city’s animal shelter system, officials said.

Parks officials caught the bird on Monday after it outran two Urban Park Rangers and an off-duty MTA conductor equipped with nets the day before, Animal Care and Control and Parks Department officials said Tuesday.

The black and red bird had been living in Fort Tryon Park with a Rhode Island Red hen for about three weeks until his partner was caught and taken to Animal Care and Control Sunday morning.

According to Empty Cages, an animal rescue group located in the city, the hen and rooster will likely be reunited at an animal sanctuary in Connecticut after a short stay at the city’s animal shelter in Harlem.