The Super Bowl is Coming — New Yorkers Say 'Meh'

By DNAinfo Staff on February 4, 2011 12:45pm

By Jennifer Glickel

DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

MIDTOWN — When the Green Bay Packers face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV on Sunday, New Yorkers will be watching, but few will care about the outcome.

After the New York Jets were eliminated from the following their loss to the Steelers in the AFC Championship game on Jan. 23, New Yorkers lost their hometown dog in the fight — and genuine interest.

"I'm a New York fan, I root for both Jets and Giants. Pittsburgh, Green Bay isn't exactly exciting, especially since the Jets just lost," said Robert Levine, 30, of Midtown. "It kind of takes all the wind out of your sails."

Most seem to be planning on watching the game despite the Jets' loss, since, as Colin S., 40, of Gramercy, put it, "if you're a football fan, you watch the game anyway because it's the last game of the year."

But for die-hard New York fans, the Jets' AFC Championship Game loss makes this weekend's Super Bowl match-up a tough pill to swallow.

"When your team comes that close and doesn't make it, you don't care that much," said John Mormile, 30, of Queens.

But, as Levine said, there are always other perks to watching Sunday's game.

"I'll watch the game, I'll watch the commercials — I probably have more interest in that than anything," he said.