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Stand-Up Comedian Moves into Macy's Windows

By DNAinfo Staff on January 26, 2011 4:21pm

By Jill Colvin

DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

MIDTOWN — How much is that…man in the window?

Stand-up comedian Mike Birbiglia moved in to Macy’s windows, best known for their Miracle on 34th Street-themed Christmas displays, on Wednesday morning.

Birbiglia, who was dressed in baby blue pajamas and fluffy blue slippers, will be living — and sleeping — in the window display for the next seven days.

"I'm a human comedic guinea pig," joked Birbiglia, before trading his Upper West Side apartment for the tight midtown digs.

Birbiglia, who said he has long-suffered from a sleepwalking disorder, said he was excited about the stunt, which was designed as an advertisement for fabric softer.

"It’s a good story to tell when you’re 90," he said.

Birbiglia’s window, on West 34th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue, is equipped with a bed, small table and two white chairs. He came prepared with a newspaper, his guitar and his laptop, which he’ll use to interact with the outside world through Facebook and his Twitter feed, using the hashtag #mikeinwindow.

"Come by and visit. I don't have plans," he urged fans before settling in. Birbiglia has a hotel room several blocks away for "human functions," he noted.

Macy's has experimented with live window action in the past, with marriage proposals, fashion shows and even Tina Turner's backup dancers, but someone actually living in the display is a first.

"We've had people live outside the windows for seven days but not actually inside the windows," Macy's Amy Kule joked.

Passersby seemed intrigued by the idea.

"He's crazy!" said Sam Suwansang, 58, who works as a doorman on the Upper West Side, as he walked by, shaking his head.

"It's definitely going to be interesting," said Fernando Figueras, 45, who works in Midtown.

"Only in New York."