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queens village

Bellerose, Rosedale, Springfield Gardens

Photo: Tiphanie Colon-Lamontanaro

105th precinct / population 188,582

Situated on the eastern edge of Queens, the neighborhoods of Queens Village, Bellerose, Rosedale and Springfield Gardens make up a large, diverse area that cuts through a number of middle-class communities that share a border with Long Island's Nassau County. The neighborhood's size — the 105th Precinct, which covers the area, is the largest in the city — has skewed crime statistics, and for three decades the southern communities of Rosedale and Springfield Gardens have beseeched the city to create a new precinct that could cut police response times and increase safety.

Plagued by response times that were 15 percent longer than those of any other neighborhood in the precinct, and 33 percent longer than the rest of the city's, these neighborhoods were in desperate need of help. So, in 2007, the city established a satellite precinct on North Conduit Avenue. Crime dropped 8 percent the following year. In 2010, the 105th Precinct enjoyed one of the lowest major crime rates per capita in the city. In DNAinfo.com's Crime & Safety Report, Queens Village and its neighbors rank 17th safest.

In the 1990s, the police made great strides toward reducing danger in these neighborhoods of mainly single-family homes. The percentage reductions in major index crimes after the crack epidemic, however, were not as great as those in other neighborhoods.

For instance, murder fell 35 percent from 1993 to 2010, compared with a 54 percent drop overall in Patrol Borough Queens South, which includes several nearby precincts.

The 15 murders in 2010 represented nearly a quarter of those in Queens South for that year. The figure also represented a 67 percent increase in killings over the prior two years. The spike in violence, which in 2010 also included a jump of 14 percent in felony assaults, to 270, and a 6 percent jump in auto thefts, to 393, had these communities on edge.