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Photo: Tiphanie Colon-Lamontanaro

13th precinct / population 93,640

Home to Manhattan's growing Silicon Alley, the photo district and a number of new publishing houses — not to mention the restaurant-heavy Park Avenue South — this neighborhood has a glamorous mix of models, tech moguls-in-the-making and literary types. Dominated by the iconic Flatiron building, which is surrounded by a mixture of high-rise office and apartment buildings, the area is bustling with young professionals looking to make their mark. To the east is Gramercy, at the center of which sits the private Gramercy Park. Only those residents who live in the expensive apartments and beautiful historic brownstones that encircle it have a key to its well-manicured grounds.

To the south, Union Square Park houses one of the city's most prominent green markets on one side and a dreary hangout for local methadone treatment patients on the other. Madison Square Park, on the northern end of the neighborhood, draws people to the original Shake Shack, a kiosk in the park that grills up what some have called the best burger in New York.

Though the neighborhoods are highly desired for commercial and residential real estate, the area is part of the 13th Precinct, which has one of the city's worst crime rates, with 228 incidents per 10,000 residents. It ranks just 65th out of 69 neighborhoods for per capita crime in DNAinfo.com's report. Property crimes are to blame.

The neighborhood's grand larceny rate — 1,481 in 2010, or 158 incidents per 10,000 residents — lands it at 66th place for that crime. Overall crime rates are trending down, though, with a 70 percent drop from 1993 to 2010 and an 11 percent dip in 2010 alone.

Burglaries in this district are also higher than average, though that too is trending downward, with 252 incidents reported in 2010 compared with 354 in 2009, a 29 percent drop. The murder rate rose from one in 2009 to three in 2010. Violent sexual attacks have not abated much compared to the decreasing rates of other crimes. Rapes jumped from nine to 13 in 2010 and rose 30 percent overall from 2001 to 2010. Misdemeanor sex crimes, however, were down 26 percent, to 78, from 2009 to 2010.