safest for all crime

prospect lefferts gardens & crown heights

Photo: Flickr/bobmarvin11225

71st precinct / population 98,429

Few New York neighborhoods have seen as dramatic a transformation in recent years as the swath of central Brooklyn covered by the 71st Precinct. Nestled close to Prospect Park and fast-gentrifying Prospect Heights, the area has seen a jaw-dropping decline in almost all categories of crimes since 1993. Murders are down 73 percent from the bad old days of the early 90s, with robberies and burglaries also down by 84 percent each.

Brownstones in leafy Lefferts Manor now sell for $1 million and up. New cafes and shops line the main streets, Flatbush and Nostrand avenues. Landmarks like the Brooklyn Botanic Garden draw throngs of camera-toting tourists. Overall, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, together with a part of Crown Heights , is 46th on DNAinfo.com's Crime & Safety ranking of 69 neighborhoods for per capita crime, with 149 major crimes per 10,000 residents.

Surprisingly, the neighborhoods outrank much more fashionable areas such as Brooklyn Heights and Boerum Hill and Williamsburg.

Still, pockets of serious crime remain in the precinct, which stretches from Prospect Park to East Flatbush. Burglaries rose by 22 percent in 2010 and there were 34 shooting incidents. There were also 10 murders, which put the area in 53rd place in the Crime & Safety Report ranking for that category. The neighborhoods ranked 46th for violent crimes in 2010, with 60 incidents per 10,000 residents. The good news: Even as crime bounced up citywide in 2010, it remained stable in the 71st Precinct, with major crimes dropping by under 1 percent in 2010.