safest for all crime


Parkchester, Castle Hill

43rd precinct / population 172,122

The 43rd Precinct has been the breeding ground of generations of street gangs, from the Black Spades in the 1960s to the "Sex Money Murder" set (or chapter) of the Bloods gang in the 1990s. More infamously, it is also where plainclothes officers killed an unarmed Amadou Diallo on Feb. 4, 1999. Diallo's death became a symbol of Mayor Rudolph Guiliani's policies to fight crime (see breakout below). But long after the mayor sent police to reclaim the many street corners and the abandoned buildings that had fallen into the hands of criminals, Soundview is still enjoying the improved safety.

Overall crime in the 43rd Precinct, which includes Soundview, Parkchester and Castle Hill, dropped 71 percent in the 17 years up to 2010. Murder and burglaries both declined by 80 percent in that time, and car thefts were down by 88 percent.

The crime rates in this part of the south-central Bronx once made it a place to avoid, but with the neighborhoods on the rebound, developers have built new homes, and young families and artists have begun moving in.

In some parts, residents say it almost feels like the suburbs, at least in comparison to how things used to be.

The overall crime rate continued to drop in 2010, by 5 percent. Reported rapes decreased 26 percent, to 35 incidents; car thefts fell 21 percent, to 253. Burglaries and grand larceny were each down slightly less than 10 percent. But crime remains a concern in the area. Murders, robberies and felony assaults all jumped slightly from 2009 to 2010, so the 2010 numbers earned the neighborhood a middling ranking of 36th out of the 69 neighborhoods in DNAinfo.com's Crime & Safety Report.