safest for all crime

high bridge

Concourse Village, Mount Eden

44th precinct / population 146,441

These three neighborhoods, along with many parts of the South Bronx, were among the poorest parts of America for many years and had astronomical crime rates to match. But, as in much of The Bronx, crime here has plummeted with government urban renewal projects and police crackdowns. In the 44th Precinct, which covers High Bridge, Concourse Village and Mount Eden — an area that includes Yankee Stadium — serious crime plunged by 74 percent in the 17 years up to 2010. Murders and shootings dropped by nearly 80 percent during that period, while burglaries fell 87 percent and car thefts by 84 percent. Those drops have helped improve the neighborhood's image, spurring redevelopment and drawing people to the area.

Today, there's the Gateway Center mall, near the new Yankee Stadium. There are the renovated Art Deco buildings on the Grand Concourse. And in Mount Eden, residents have become active in pushing for their neighborhood's turnaround, lobbying the city for park improvements and better policing.

But in 2010, several violent crime categories rose, and High Bridge ended the year in 56th place for violent crimes in DNAinfo.com's Crime & Safety Report ranking. Murders rose by 27 percent over 2009, to 14 incidents from 11. Robberies spiked 26 percent, to 515 from 408. Rapes ticked up by 3 percent, to 33 from 32.

Despite these increases, by the end of 2010 the overall crime rate posted a 3 percent decline, thanks to a 21 percent drop in grand larcenies, to 396 from 501, and a 10 percent drop in burglaries, to 276 from 308. Shootings, which are not included in the overall crime rate, declined by 35 percent, to 34 instances from 52; and misdemeanor sex crimes fell by 26 percent, to 45 from 61. Focus on just property crimes, and High Bridge skyrockets to 16th safest out of 69 neighborhoods.

The police appear to be taking the latest trends very seriously. In 2010, the 44th Precinct led the city, with nearly 16,000 arrests.