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Roma the Russian-Speaking Parrot Goes Missing in Forest Hills

June 1, 2017 3:09pm | Updated June 1, 2017 3:09pm
A Russian-speaking parrot has taken flight from his Forest Hills home on May 20.
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Yana Znachko

A Russian-speaking parrot has taken flight from his Forest Hills home, prompting its owner to frantically search for the lost bird.

The 12-year-old Congo African Grey parrot has been missing since May 20, when it flew out the window of his home on 67th Road near Austin Street, owner Yana Znachko said Thursday.

“He was sitting on my shoulder,” she said. “I never thought he could do so.”

The predominantly gray bird has a black bill and red tail feathers. Roma knows about 40 phrases in Russian, including words like "mother," "to eat" and "moron," said Znachko, 44, who was born and raised in Russia.

"He calls me 'mama,'" she said. “He was a 6 weeks old baby when we got him.”

The bird, which was brought to New York from Florida, also has a band on his left leg.

Znachko said she has been devastated since her feathered companion went missing and fears the bird may not be able to survive if he's not found quickly.

“He was never outside before and can’t manage without people," she explained. "And it's been almost two weeks." 

She also said that Roma doesn’t trust strangers and can bite when upset.  

In fact, Znachko said, she is the only person that the bird seems to like and accept food from.

“He was eating from my mouth,” said the pet owner, who posted information about Roma on a neighborhood Facebook page, as well as on a website dedicated to missing parrots.

“I hope whoever finds Roma will bring him back to me,” she said, adding that the finder would receive a reward.

Anyone with information about the parrot can contact Yana Znachko on her cell 646 417 0379 or email