On a warm evening in The Bronx this spring, Shannon Lee Gilstad started thinking about the arrival of summer and the customs that come with it — kickball and jump rope on the sidewalk, barbeques and parties in the park. But also, violence on the street.

She recalled a string of shootings last summer in The Bronx that involved young people, as well as more recent tragedies, including the young cook who was murdered during a robbery in Riverdale, and the young man who was shot to death at a memorial ceremony in Fordham held for a man who was shot in the same spot a year earlier.

“It’s like one after another after another,” said Gilstad, 29, a Bedford Park resident and founder of the website, Bronx Movers and Shakers.

Gilstad decided the community needed to do something to preempt the violence that rises with the summer temperatures, as well as to reclaim the streets as a place for gathering safely and without fear.

She organized a late-night march that begins at 9 p.m. on Saturday at Fordham Road and the Grand Concourse, and will proceed south to Joyce Kilmer Park at East 161st Street.

She is encouraging marchers to wear white T-shirts and to bring photos or posters in remembrance of anyone lost to violence.

If the event goes well, Gilstad hopes to organize other marches in different Bronx neighborhoods throughout the summer.

“If one person sees what we’re doing and decides to stop and think before they pull the trigger,” she said, “that’s really what we’re about.”