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Sandy-Damaged Home Collapses After Being Raised Onto Stilts, Officials Say

June 22, 2016 6:46pm | Updated June 22, 2016 6:46pm
This home at 70 Beacon Court in Gerritsen Beach collapsed Wednesday, June 22. It was lifted by the Build It Back program in March and work was continuing on it.
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DNAinfo/Katie Honan

GERRITSEN BEACH — A Brooklyn home that was raised on stilts as part of the city’s post-Sandy Build It Back program collapsed Wednesday afternoon, according to officials and Department of Buildings records.

The two-story home at 70 Beacon Court was elevated onto stilts in March and toppled over at about 2 p.m. while workers were making further repairs on the home, an FDNY spokesman and neighbors said.

No one was living in the home and none of the workers were injured, the spokesman added.

Build It Back head, Amy Peterson, said the agency would halt all construction with partner company DSW Homes while they investigate the collapse. 

"We are stopping work on all [DSW] sites and holding a safety meeting to make sure everything's safe, but all the homes have been inspected," Peterson said during a press conference next to the collapsed building. 

"This is an isolated incident and we're investigating what happened here."

Neighbor Robert Daly said construction on the home had been "intermittent," but that work had increased during the past few months. 

His 92-year-old mother, Dorothy, was home at the time but didn't hear anything. 

"I came out because I saw the [construction workers] outside," she said. "It was just the top they were working on and it all came down."

The DOB asked the FDNY to inspect the collapsed building, according to the department's website.

The Build It Back program has been plagued with problems, including shoddy construction work.

One family — who lives a few houses down from the collapsed house on Beacon Court — was still dealing with cracked walls, rusting staircases and other issues after moving back home in February after a lift. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio pledged in 2015 to finish the program by the end of the year