Essanay Studios, the former workplace of silent film era legend Charlie Chaplin, is slated to present the first of four evenings of experimental theater from Thursday to Sunday as part of the Pivot Multi-Arts Festival.

On Thursday at 7:30 p.m., experimental puppetry group Manual Cinema is scheduled to present a screening of the shadow puppet play "ADA/AVA," a tale about twin sisters who are separated by death but reunited through a magical twist thanks to a mysterious traveling carnival.

Click here for a trailer of the "ADA/AVA."

At 10 p.m., Chicago-based Theater Oobleck will present a performance of "Baudelaire in a Box: Episode 5." The performance will consist of poetry by Charles Baudelaire sung and set to music as the audience watches a scroll of images accompanying the poetry.

Click here to watch an episode of "Baudelaire in a Box."