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Brooklyn Artist Poses Naked at Former Slavery Sites in New York

Nona Faustine's photo series, "White Shoes," depicts portraits of herself at various slave trade sites.

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Education Workers Scramble to Study For Test to Keep Their Jobs

Thousands of Education Department workers have to take civil service exams to keep their jobs.

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Downtown's Peck Slip School Goes Vegetarian

The elementary school, housed in Tweed Courthouse, is the city's second meatless public school.

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Dept. of Education Employees Fight for First Pay Raise in 6 Years

Administrative assistants for Community Education Councils haven't had a raise since 2008.

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Chancellor Shakes Up School Leadership, Replacing 15 Superintendents

DOE Chancellor Carmen Fariña replaced 15 out of 42 school superintendents, officials announced.

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Assembly Speaker Offers Own Offices to Fix Overcrowded Classrooms

Speaker Silver is offering space in his office building to create more classrooms at DOE headquarters.

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Charter Schools are Under-Enrolled, Public School Parents Say

Parents said data shows two-thirds of Success Academy charter schools are under-enrolled.

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Parents Outraged by Overcrowded Classrooms in DOE Headquarters

The Peck Slip School, located in Tweed Courthouse, is cramming up to 50 students into classrooms.

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Parents Protest Success Academy Moving Into Former Catholic Schools

Charters shouldn't be able to take space needed by badly crowded district schools, protesters said.

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City Kicks Off Pre-K Application Period by Extending Deadline

Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña called parents Monday to let them know about pre-K enrollment.

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New Schools Chancellor's Message to DOE Staffers: 'Bring Joy Back'

Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña addressed the city's Department of Education staffers on Monday.

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Parents Ask de Blasio to Put Online Kindergarten Applications on Hold

The controversial online kindergarten application system is a "ticking time bomb," parents said Thursday.

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How to Stay Cool Under the Pressure of NYC's High School Admissions Process

Morris Cohen, LCSW, discusses how to conquer the stressful high school application process.

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Schools Should Not Be Forced to Share Space, Parents Say at Rally

Parents from across the city spoke out against co-locations at a protest outside of Tweed Courthouse.

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Pre-K Classes Coming to Peck Slip School This Fall

The new Peck Slip school, located in Tweed Courthouse, will have two, half-day sections of pre-K.